About AvA

AvA Global Training Manager was developed to provide small to medium sized training organizations with Enterprise-level Learning Management System (LMS), and Training Management System (TMS) features in a single unified platform.  Most of these systems are designed for large Training companies, and Fortune 1000 training departments. They offer thousands of features to serve their client’s needs, and obviously have their place in the market. However almost all these platforms are too expensive, and to complex for small to medium training organizations to implement. 

AvA GTM was born to provide those critical features and services all training organizations need to simplify their training operations, reduce costs, and provide amazing student and learner experiences. 

AvA GTM is a secure, multi-tenant, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that lives in the cloud supported by a truly gifted devops team.

Every client is provided a branded URL for administration, instructor, and student portals with options to completely integrate their data with their existing web properties and applications. 

Expert Services

Are you looking to build your own LMS for your organization? We get it, no one solution is right for every organization and the best solution for larger or complex learning departments is surely one built just for you. Before you begin this major en-devour yourself, we invite you and your team to give us a call.