Lab Ops Management

The Lab Ops Management system by AvA GTM was designed to provide the ultimate student lab experience with browser based access to their lab environment and provide the option for Instructors and or students to have complete control over their devices, including

  • Lab Reservations
  • Device Power Management
  • Device Configuration Management
  • VMWARE Snapshot Management

There is no better experience for a learner than getting hand's on practice with the latest technology solutions. Until now providing learners access to racks of computer equipment required major operation costs and required software to install, or VPN's to connect to. These options required tremendous support, and proper permissions to even utilize, and often introduce latency, security risks creating a poor student experience. 

The Lab Ops Management platform allows training companies to provide a simple and Secure web-browser based access to their equipment and computer racks creating the ultimate student learning experience. 

Our platform provides Training Companies, and Equipment Manufacturers, and Rack Rental companies Lab Ops Management features including

  • Secure Cloud Application (Unique Instance or multi-tenancy)
  • Role Based Access Control (Admin, Instructor, Student, Token)
  • Token based student access
  • Browser based Lab Builder
  • Integration with several Lab Controls brands i.e. APC / VMWARE / Microsoft
  • Remote Device Access via RDP, VNC, TELNET, SSH
  • Device Management
  • Configuration Management

While we know the features above set us apart in the industry, we have a few PREMIUM features we would be happy to share with executed NDA's. 

See a demo of our lab ops management system in use with one of our clients WiFi Training. 

Ask our team for a demo today, call +1 214-974-0911

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