Training System Options

What is a Training Management System?

Even delivering a simple Instructor Led course can involve

  • Identifying what course, it is, it's objective and how much time is required to complete the course
  • Identify qualified instructor students will love
  • Identify a location, and it's capabilities (room for 5 people, 50 people)
  • Identify the process for how students should register for the course? (Via telephone, email, website, fax?)
  • Build sales and marketing material for the course
  • Market the course
  • Track Registrations / Cancellations / Re-booking
  • Provide students with course location details, and schedule
  • Order Materials
  • Coordinate the event so a great course is delivered

Unfortunately, it's only too common for companies to do all of this by hand and or with simple spreadsheets. Even many sizable training organizations seem to update websites by hand with course schedules changing all the time locations changing all the time and pricing changing all the time and there's no way to keep all of that information accurate without a training management system.

What is a Learning Management Systems?

If you have thought about creating an on-line university, or web-based training courses for your organization, you would need a platform to create and manage that content, and allowed students, and teachers to interact with each other and these services are typically found in Learning Management Systems. 

Learning Management Systems typically provide

  • Digital Course Catalogs
  • Course Creator Features
  • Exam Development and Online Test Engines
  • Progress Tracking Analytics
  • Gameification (Badges, Leaderboards, Certs)
  • Messaging between Student / Instructor
  • Various Analytics for Teachers / Students / Parents

AvA GTM Provides access to the best features from both TMS and LMS systems in a cost effective, and easy to use platform for training organizations of all sizes.