WordPress LMS

While AvA Global Training Manager lives in the Microsoft cloud for redundancy and reliability that's out of this world, the AvA GTM plugin for WordPress provides clients the ability to integrate

  • Course Catalogs
  • Class Search
  • Location Details
  • Instructor Details
  • Seamless Student Registration
  • Enhanced SEO to help your courses get found by the major search engines all at YourDomain.com

Word Press is an easy to use content management system, that can be a very powerfull SEO tool. The AvA GTM WordPress plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate your training operations with your websites, and instantly expand your marketing reach and grow your customer base. 

Subscribers download the WordPress plugin from their admin portal on AvA GTM. Once their asset's are built in the AvA GTM portal, integrating that data with your website is super simple and takes a minute or two in most cases. 

AvA GTM provides dozens of WordPress short-codes, and widget making it easy to display course data how you want, and where you want. 
Here are just a few of our short tag options
  • Class Search
  • Courses by Type/Category
  • Courses by Vendor
  • Courses by Location
  • Courses by Instructor
  • Next X Courses
  • Digital Courses by Vendor
  • Digital Courses by Type/Category
  • Information Request Forms
  • Seamless Student Enrollments
  • Much more

If you have questions or need support, the AvA GTM DevOps team is here to support you all the way. 

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